Aquarius Team

Aquarius Team

Team was created for kayaks enthusiast to share experience and love to kayaks. We are very pleased to listen any comments and idea who might help us to delevop our products. But also Aquarius Team is a platform to help people to make adventure and paddle. Aquarius Team is a quite new idea - it has started in 2011. There were two motivate reasons:    1. Plan of exedition of Piotr Opacian to paddle around Svalbard 360 and training trip around Gulf of Bothnia 2. Creation of amatour racing group called Aquarius Team. Gruop is not formal and mostly it is spontaneous community. In 2011 they gained second position in big and known races - Dunajec 2012 (LXX Międzynarodowy Spływ Kajakowy im. Tadeusza Pilarskiego na Dunajcu). Aquarius Team is :Piotr Opacian     Aquarius (Racing) Team      Aquarius Team - common paddling at Rugen Island in Germany 


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