A group of kayaks that have special parameters, enabling safe and effective paddling in the coastal zone or on open sea. All models in this group enable lake and river touring as well.


The most popular and universal category of kayaks, where you can find kayaks for one, two or three people, constructed to match the requirements of kayakers, regardless of their level of expertise.

Fitness Line

If speed on the water, sports design, but functionality as well, is what you are looking for in the first place, then kayaks in this group are the right choice. Paddling in the fitness line kayak will bring a lot of fun to people keen on this form of kayaking.


Due to its specifics, canoe combines easy handling with the capacity of a boat. In this group you will find something for a bigger family or someone who is not satisfied with the load capacity of a classic kayak.


  • Egalis
  • Go SPORT
  • Intersport
  • ZedTECH
  • Kajak Sport
  • Dag Kayaks
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