UPDATE! New canoe without a name.

UPDATE! New canoe without a name.

added: 2013-10-30

UPDATE! New canoe without a name. 

UPDATE 20.11.13 1 - REGARDS TO QUESTIONS AND ASKS WE DECIDED TO GIVE YOU MORE TIME - WE WAIT FOR YOU PROPOSAL TO 23.59 OF 17.11.2013 - It means that You have time till mindnight at this sunday.

thank You very much for all proposals for new canoe. However we are still in decision-making time. We have so good proposals that we could decided which will be the best! We hardly choose best 3 proposals and now we are asking You. What You think about: 
  • Tribal
  • Trop
  • Trans
We asked same question on our fanpage, so if You have your own profile please write your choice here:  >>CANOE NAME<<
If You do not use facebook please write us via an email on :
It will help us a lot!



Thank You in advance. 


Aquarius Team


UPDATE 1 - REGARDS TO QUESTIONS AND ASKS WE DECIDED TO GIVE YOU MORE TIME - WE WAIT FOR YOU PROPOSAL TO 23.59 OF 17.11.2013 - It means that You have time till mindnight at this sunday.

We are happy to introduce new canoe for rentals. Canoe is made in polyethylene in red and green. Canoe is dedicated for 3 person. Canoe is almost 5 meters long and 90 cm wide. We decided to wide our RENTAL RANGE mostly because untill this moment we had no proposal for rentals willing to have canoe. Also it's very hard to find on the market strong polyethylene canoe with good price at same time. Canoe will be another proposal for RENTAL after RIO (only for PL),PRO TOUR (only for PL), TRAPER and TREK.

This is why now we would like to ask You to create a name. We could created new name for canoe by our own... but we like to have FUN and give to You something MORE e.g. like possibility to create a name of our new product. Have You have a chance to create product's name for some BRAND? We guess no, so take Your chance, create a name and send to us via email:


1. Name should reffer to name Trek, Traper or Tramp - mean that it would be nice to have "TR" at beginning and refer to outdoor activities or has something common with hiking, travelling etc. This are only clues and guides to help You, however You can easily create something different.

2. One person can send us max 1 to 3 different names as proposals.

3. Where send proposal? by email to with theme "Canoe"

4. We wait for You names until 23.59 at 17.11.13

5. We will prize 3 best proposals by giving each one PFD per person. Person cans choose 1pc. model of Aquarius PFD.

6. Creation is voluntary, by sending us an email with proposal You agreed that we can use this name for commercial purposes and You renounce any rights or claims to the created names.


We know that's hard to create a name without not seeing canoe, so there You go:



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