Piotr Opacian - Gulf of Bothnia

Piotr Opacian - Gulf of Bothnia

added: 2011-09-13

Piotr Opacian in lonely trip paddled around south part of Gulf of Bothnia

Piotr made it in august. He stared in Vaddo Channel  trough Aland Islands to Eriskar Island than along of Finland coast. Paddler changed to Swedish side on the line - Vallgrund Islamd, Valassaret Island, Kvaren Stait, Sorgadden Island and Vastra Kvarken Stait. Rest of expedition went in line of swedish coast with "closing " circle in Channel in Vaddo. Piotr used only equipment hiden in kayak. All expedition was make without any help from outside or "third person". He paddled with Aquarius Sea Dimension  - the same will be use in Svalbard 360 Expedition,

Most impressive are achieves:

25 days of paddling - around 1150 km - average trip per day - 45km/d !


Expedition photos:


More photo on Piotr Opacain homepage


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