Solo paddling of north part of the Gulf of Bothnia

Solo paddling of north part of the Gulf of Bothnia

added: 2014-07-01

Solo paddling of north part of the Gulf of Bothnia

 Some news from Piotr Opacian:  

"In 2011 I circumnavigated solo the southern part of the Gulf of Bothnia. From Swedish to Finnish side I crossed over the "bridge" of Aland Islands and in the north back to Swedish side over Ostra and Vastra Kvarken. The route can be found at my website, go here: >>link . Then there were two years of no kayaking due to injury. This year I want to finish this circumnavigation doing the northern part. Starting from Swedish side again over Vastra and Ostra Kvarken to Finnish side and then north along the Finnish coast and south along the Swedish to close the circuit in the area of Vastra Kvarken. You can follow my steps at >>FindMeSpot , starting on the 5th of July. Originally it was to be a test/training before Spitsbergen circumnavigation, learn more about Spitsbergen project here >>Svalbard 360.

This project is still alive - anyone to join in future??? Aquarius kayaks are waiting in Polish Polar Station in Horsund. If You are intrested please write to Aquarius. They will send forward to me."

Piotr Opacian - Aquarius Team Member


Piotr Opacian - kayak instructor and experienced rower. For his kayaking achievements he received the 2006 prestigious Kolos award and journalists “Achievement of the Year Award” at the National Meeting of Travelers, Sailors and Alpinists. Nominated for the National Geographic “Traveller” award. He has kayaked in different regions of the world for many years. He completed a difficult lonely sea voyage along the coast of Patagonia - 1000 km, lone crossing of Lake Baikal, Xingu River in the Amazon - 1100 km and the upper Lena in Siberia from the sources to Kaczuga. Photographer, archaeologist, geomorphologist.

Piotr will use in upcoming expedition: Aquairus Sea Lion HV in Club+ lay-up.





Piotr Opacian with his Sea Lion at training before Bothnia expedition


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