Two new english style sea kayaks by Aquarius

Two new english style sea kayaks by Aquarius

added: 2013-03-25

Two new british style sea kayaks by Aquarius Sport

Situation is getting seems as present family of Sea Emotions. After great opinion and happy customers of Aquarius Sea Emotion 505 we created Sea Emotion 505 PE, same shape but different material and Sea Emotion 480 created for smaller and lighter person.
This season we will show new models of Sea Lion family:

>> Sea Lion LV – same long, same width but low volume

Experience with Sea Lion has showed that there are many people appreciates nautical features of this boat but for some people (under 80 kg) is to big volume. Particularly when paddling for one-day touring without any heavy equipment inside the boat. This is why we decided to make Low Version of Sea Lion.

>> Sea Leopard – same features on bottom and hull but lower volume and not shorter

Sea Leopard is based on Sea Lion but is shorter and lower volume. Was created mainly for young people or just ligher people for whom even new Sea Lion LV will be to big.  Despite of kayak shape Sea Leopard has small shanges in deckline













More info, technical details & photos soon...



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