Aqua One 435 FISHING

Technical specification

  • LENGHT (mm) -4350
  • WIDTH (mm) -680
  • WEIGHT(standard version) -composite D/P - 19 kg | composite D/K - 17,5 kg | composite C/K - 16 kg
  • CLOSED CARGO SPACE - L -105 + 2L
  • COCKPIT SIZE (mm) -internal - 940 x 470 | external - 840 x 410 | spraydeck size L
  • STER flip off -OPTION

Aqua One 435 FISHING

Customized from the Aquarius Aqua One this is an amazing fishing kayak. This kayak is very popular in the Northern Europe cold weather since the paddlers does not get wet, unlike with sit on top kayaks.
The Fishing version is based on existing Aqua One standard touring model hull and because of its shape is very effective and stable. The kayak has very good on-water manners allowing the fisherman to reach locations from land where fishing is best. A fishing kayak has to be stable but still agile: the Aqua One Fishing is a good blend of those characteristics.


Aqua One Fishing comes with Camo Inn™ technology and some other clever upgrades.
The Aqua One Fishing kayak 4 year old mould has been updated and improved. We listened to users and dealer suggestions, ideas and desires and responded by implementing changes that make this kayak better.
This kayak has already proven to be a very capable craft for the cold waters in Scandinavia where fishermen are looking to catch the "big fish". The Camo Inn™ technology is unique; it encapsulates the pattern between the laminate and is finished by a transparent gel coat making the finish durable and fade resistant. Each kayak's patter is unique and not two are alike making it really impressive, a special feature of the Camo Inn™ technology.

The hull of the kayak remains white, like the underside of a fish. Beside the new outstanding looks the kayak has been equipped by two Sea Dog grab handles at stern and bow, especially useful for when trolling.
The Aqua One Fishing has now a small cargo space in the front of cockpit, a waterproof storage for fishing essentials. There is a standard large hatch space in the rear. The seat and backrest are contoured moulded high density closed-cell foam offering outstanding comfort for long hours in the kayak. We added deck lines for easy storage  of larger items. The fittings are recessed into the deck giving the kayak a flush deck look.


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