Aquarius Coda (Junior SurfSki)

Technical specification

  • Lenght - 400 cm
  • Width - 48 cm
  • Weight - 16 kg
  • Adjustable footrest - Standard
  • Rudder - Standard

Aquarius Coda (Junior SurfSki)

Aquarius Coda is compact surfski for lighter and younger paddlers. Best proposal for beginning surfski enthusiasts.

Surfski kayaks are consequence of merger between Sit-on-Tops and sport kayaks. We paddle fast like with sport kayaks but we seat on the top, like in SOT kayaks type. Thanks it surfski is considered as best kayak for ocean and sea races. Because there is no cockpit, there is no risk that We will immobile inside the kayak. This is big advantage of surfski kayaks. Coda has in standard Rudder and adjustable footrest. Coda is laminated in Club, Training and Full Carbon


For Who?

Coda is designed for younger and lighter paddlers for who long and not stable classic surfski kayaks are too difficult. Coda is also good choice for woman.


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