Aquarius Explorer 565

Technical specification

  • LENGHT (mm) -5650
  • WIDTH (mm) -700
  • WEIGHT - kg - composite D/P - 31 | composite D/K - 29 | composite C/K - 27
  • CLOSED CARGO SPACE - L -51 + 98
  • COCPIT SIZE (mm) - external - 990 x 530 | internal - 910 x 460 | spraydeck size XL
  • RUDDER flip off - OPTION

Aquarius Explorer 565

A double expedition kayak with a wide spectrum of possible usage. Due to the keel along the entire length of the bilge it remains very stable even in difficult conditions on the water, while still being fast and nimble. It meets the requirements of demanding kayakers and will encourage beginners. Big storage capacity makes long trips easier. The comfort and functionality of the kayak will make longer distances easier to reach. This model has been a bestseller in Scandinavia especially.

Due to the width of the Explorer this kayak has for better performance a central footrests and rudder steering pedals.


It is the great choice for a demanding paddlers, that like paddling on an open water, bays or big rivers. The Explorer 565 will make it all possible.

See article about first winter crossing from Nexo to Kołobrzeg by Aquarius Explorer


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