Aquarius Sea Bandit

Technical specification

  • Lenght - 656 cm
  • Width - 37 cm
  • Weight - 17 kg
  • Composite version - Club, Training, Full Carbon
  • Full weight of boat plus otrigger - 20 kg
  • Equipment - profiled foam seat, rudder system, outrigger float, 2 aluminium rods

Aquarius Sea Bandit

Sea Bandit is classic in Outrigger Canoe (OC) type. This kind of boat is unique by its outfit, namely by ama (outrigger float) wchich stabilizes boat. Roots of this boat come from Polynesia(Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti). To use this boat you need, the same like for canoeing, special oar. OC is strongly common at Hawaiian Islands where it is almost national sport and where You can see very popular and spectacular Ocean Outrigger Races. This races make OC more and more popular all over the world, in Europe also. People create special clubs for OC enthusiasts only. Aquarius is exclusive producer of outrigger canoe in Poland and one of few in Europe.

Ocean Outrigger is designed for open/ sea water. Outrigger float  (even when canoe is 37 width only) makes canoe stable and surfing makes easy.  Sea Bandit is produce with the same technology like sport kayaks, wchich makes stiff and light construction.

Sea Bandit on photo was build in Full Carbon (The highest version). There is one standard version of outfit wchich included profiled foam seat and rudder system.

Outrigger is fully disassembled.


For whom?

Sea Bandit was design special for Ocean Outrigger enthusiasts. Regarding to closed construction of boat the maximum weight of paddler is limited by the comfort of sitting/paddling.


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