Aquarius Sea Lion

Technical specification

  • Lenght - 525 cm
  • Width - 52 cm
  • Weight - 22 kg (Club & Club+), 19 kg (Carbon)
  • Cocpit - 82 x 44 cm (ext.), 79×39 cm (int.)
  • Equipment - skeg (fin), decklines, 3 closed cargo space plus small cockpit cargo space.
  • Paddler weight - 80-100 kg
  • VOLUME (Litres)
  • Kayak - 326
  • Front hatch - 80
  • Rear hatch - 70
  • Day hatch - 40

Aquarius Sea Lion

"Sea Lion is a great english style sea kayak with high manoeuvrability, comfort and stability. It is excelent in rough water!
- The paddler will feel secure in all types of water
" - first feedback we received after testing

This kayak opens a new line in Aquarius sea kayaks; the shape and design are different compared to our classic sea kayaks. The Sea Lion has a very gentle V-shaped hull (almost flat with a wide-open angle),  three standard sized hatch spaces – two in the rear, one up front plus a small extra one near the front of the cockpit. Thanks to the special hull design the Sea Lion is fast, agile and relatively stable; that's why this sea kayaks does not need a rudder system, particularly with an experienced kayaker paddling it. The Sea Lion comes with skeg as standard (a KajakSport system with blade control situated near the cockpit). The backrest is a bit stiffer than in regular sea kayaks. The Sea Lion has a moulded recess for a deck mounted compass.
The Sea Lion follows the line of British Style Sea Kayaks.

>> Watch videos with Sea Lion
Sea Lion is made in three material version:

  • Club (epoxy + vacuum + glass fiber & carbon/kevlar)
  • Club +(epoxy + vacuum + carbon/kevlar)
  • Full Carbon (epoxy + vacuum + carbon)

>>Learn more about LAY-UP constructions

Sea Lion's kayaks series are available in 3 color schemes  :

  • Classic: 1 color on deck and 1 color on hull
  • Pro+: as per attached photo, two colors to choose
  • Orca: as per attached photo, two colors to choose
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