Aquarius Sea Lion LV

Technical specification

  • Lenght - 525 cm
  • Width - 52 cm
  • Weight - 21 kg (Club & Club+), 18 kg (Carbon)
  • Cokpit - 82 x 44 cm (int.), 79×39 cm (ext.)
  • Equipment - skeg , decklines, 3 cargo space + small closed space
  • Paddler - 70 - 90 kg
  • CAPACITY (Litres)
  • Kayak - 292
  • Front hatch - 72
  • Rear hatch - 63
  • Day hatch - 36

Aquarius Sea Lion LV

"New Sea Lion LV is dedicated for medium weight paddlers and is stable with or without full cargo space, even stormy weather"- First review.

The Sea Lion LV was created for a wide range of sea kayakers, to complement the standard Sea Lion HV, more suited to heavier/larger paddlers. The Sea Lion series is designed following the British Style Design. Comparing it to the "classic sea kayaks" (sometimes called as "American sea kayaks") Sea Lion kayaks have very wide open V shaped bottom - it gives them speed and a lot of fun to paddle in the waves. Sea Lions kayaks are equipped with SKEG only, differentiating them from the classic sea kayaks. The Sea Lion has two cargo spaces, a day hatch at the rear of cocpit and small "glove box" at the front of the cockpit. At the bow of the kayak there is a moulded recess for a deck mounted compas.

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Sea Lion LV is aimed to paddler between 70-90 kg. Because of the to lower volume than the standard Sea Lion, this kayak is more stable on rough water when unloaded.

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Sea Lion LV is made in three lay-up versions:

  • Club (epoxy + vacuum + glass fiber & carbon/kevlar)
  • Club +(epoxy + vacuum + carbon/kevlar)
  • Full Carbon (epoxy + vacuum + carbon)

>>Learn more about LAY-UP constructions

Sea Lion kayaks series are available in 3 color schemes :

  • Classic: 1 color on deck and 1 color on hull
  • Pro+: as per attached photo, two colors to choose
  • Orca: as per attached photo, two colors to choose
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