Explorer Family 630

Technical specification

  • LENGHT (mm) -6300
  • WIDTH (mm) -700
  • WEIGHT (standard version) - composite D/P - 37 kg | composite D/K - 35 kg | composite C/K - 34 kg
  • CLOSED CARGO SPACE - L -51 + 98
  • COCPIT SIZE (mm) - external - 990 x 530 | internal - 910 x 460 | spraydeck size: XL
  • MIDDLE COCKPIT SIZE (mm) - external - 640 x 500 | internal - 560 x 430 | spraydeck size XS
  • RUDDER flip off -OPTION

Explorer Family 630

An expedition three-seated kayak with a powerful and rigid structure. There are two seats for adults and the middle one is suitable for a child. Designed to travel on varied waters this is a very capacious, safe and comfortable kayak for all three paddlers. Alternatively, the middle cockpit can be used as an extra storage space, protected by the transport cockpit cover it will be safe from water and you gain additional storage room. This model has broadened our range in 2007.

Due to the width of the Explorer this kayak has central footrests and rudder steering pedals.


It is the great choice for a family of three, that likes spending time on the water. The middle cockpit is a safe place for your four-legged friend too. The Family will make it possible to take your clan with full luggage to the Mazurian lakes, the Swedish archipelagos or the Norwegian fiords.


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