Nylon Kayak Spraydeck : Pro

Technical specification

  • Producent - Aquarius
  • Spraydeck size (standard) - 90 x 50 cm
  • Material - Nylon

Nylon Kayak Spraydeck : Pro

Kayak cockpit cover is made of strong and durable nylon with high resistance of tearing or rupture. Spraydeck has big mesh pocket with zip fastener on the front and adjustable shoulder straps. Tunnel and the circuit of Spradeck Pro is adjustable,it makes spraydeck very universal. On the front we put handle with rubber for safety and quick take off. For safeness and better visibility spraydeck has revlective blocks. It vital notably when we paddle in not good weather.

This kayak spraydeck was design specialy for: Aquarius Traper, Aquarius Trek, Aquarius Explorer, Aquarius Voyager. General kayakc with big cocpkits.


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