Pet (pupil) vest

Technical specification

  • Size S
  • Dog weight (kg) -max 8
  • Girth neck (cm) -38-43
  • Lenght (cm) -28
  • Size M
  • Dog weight (kg) -8 - 15
  • Girth neck (cm) -40-45
  • Lenght (cm) -33
  • Size L
  • Dog weight (kg) -15-40
  • Girth neck (cm) -46-52
  • Lenght (cm) -38
  • Size XL
  • dog weight (kg) -over 40
  • Girth neck (cm) -53-75
  • Lenght (cm) -44

Pet (pupil) vest

The Pupil life jacket is designed for the safety of your dog when it’s in the water. Due to the bright orange material and reflective elements, the dog will be very visible in all conditions. The life jacket is filled with a light foam, keeping the dog on the surface of the water, helping it to swim. It also prevents rapid loss of temperature. The life jacket has two abdominal straps and a collar clasp, where there’s a ring enabling to strap on to the leash.


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