Pneumatic jacket 150N RED

Technical specification

  • Chest - 80 - 125 cm.
  • User weight - >40 kg
  • Gas - 33 GRAM CO2
  • Color - Red
  • Internal color - Orange

Pneumatic jacket 150N RED

This pneumatic life 150N RED vest has thre ways of use:
1. AUTOMATIC - Life vest starts to fill by CO2 after 5 sec in water. After use it needs to be change: cartridge and pastil

2. MECHANICAL - Life vest is filled by CO2 trought the perforation of cartridge. Mechanism starts when person start to pull plastic grip. After use it needs to be change: cartridge

3. MANUAL - This pneumatic life vest might be filled by air by inflate air by mouth trough the pipe on the left. This same pipe can be use to fill out vest.

This pneumatic life vest has harness for life & safety line, LIFT belt and rescue whistle. On the inner side of vest is located manual and ID pocket. Because of comfort reason this live vest has a neopren neck.

Vest is suitable for adult over 40kg weight.

All Aquarius pneumatic life vest has: manuals and service info.
Compliance with DIN EN ISO 12402-3


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