Sea Dimension 530

Technical specification

  • Lenght (mm) -5300
  • Width (mm) -600
  • Weight -kcomposite D/P - 26 kg | composite D/K - 24 kg | composite C/K - 21 kg
  • Close Cargo Space - L -60 + 60 + 3 + 2
  • Cockpit Size (mm) -internal - 870 x 480 | external - 790 x 400 |spraydeck size M
  • Rear Small Cargo Space -STANDARD
  • Front Small Cargo Space - OPTION
  • Decklines -STANDARD
  • Rudder flip off -STANDARD
  • SKEG - Option
  • Self Rescue System - Option

Sea Dimension 530

The Sea Dimension is our best seller in the sea kayak range.

The shape of the Sea Dimension is a modern V-shaped hull and that gives the kayak a stable yet fast and easy to paddle experience. Sea Dimension's best features: good tracking and stiffness.
The shape of the bow was optimized for sea surfing even in larger waves. This kayak will be used in the Svalbard 360 Expedition: paddling around Spitsbergen.
Piotr Opacian paddled 1200 km in solo trip around Gulf of Bothnia on this sea kayak. Learn more about expedition here:

>>Gulf of Bothnia expedition


A great choice for any kind of expedition the Sea Dimension is capable and reliable. The main objective in the creating this kayaks was to make a classic and stable sea kayak which will fit most paddlers, even complete beginners.

Feel the real Sea Dimension...

>>video with sea dimension around Elba island

>> video with sea dimension around Rugen island

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