Sea Emotion 505

Technical specification

  • LENGHT (mm) -5005
  • WIDTH (mm) -560
  • WEIGHT - kg - composite D/P - 25 |composite D/K - 23 | composite C/K - 22
  • Closed Cargo Space - L -50 + 50 + 2 + 3
  • Cockpit Size (mm) -external - 870 x 480 |internal - 790 x 400 | spraydeck size M
  • Rear day hatch -STANDARD
  • Front day hatch -STANDARD
  • Deckline -STANDARD
  • Rudder flip off -STANDARD
  • SKEG - Option
  • Kajak Sport Self Rescue System - Option
  • Reflective Decklines - Option

Sea Emotion 505

"One of the most versatile sea kayak in Aquarius range."

Sea Emotion 505 is shorter and narrower compared to the standard Aquarius sea kayaks line.
With longer expeditions in mind the back of the cockpit  has been lowered, so the paddler can lie back and and rest during the longer trips.
Additional notable upgrade is a plastic seat with foam top finish, which is wider and more comfortable, a vital advantage for long distance sea kayakers.
This kayak's hull is V-shaped, to give optimal stability without losing its dynamics.  

All Emotion series kayaks have a molded recess for a  KajakSport Self-rescue System.


This kayak is designed for dynamic paddlers, for whom the standard sea kayak size might be too large.
Sea Emotion 505 smaller size makes for a kayak that is easier to control and has a superior fit. This new model is perfect for experienced paddlers, while also suited for for younger and lighter paddlers.
This model was the base for us to design & create our first polyethylene sea kayak:

>>Sea Emotion PE

Need shorter Emotion? Check:

>>Sea Emotion 480

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