Voyager 525

Technical specification

  • Lenght (mm) -5250
  • Width (mm) -680
  • Weight - D/P - 27 kg | D/K - 25 kg | C/K - 23 kg
  • Hatches - 50L + 70L
  • Cocpit (mm) -internal - 940 x 470 | external - 840 x 410 |
  • Rudder - Option
  • Footrests - Option

Voyager 525

The Voyager 525 is a double kayak designed for paddling inland waterways. Easy to handle, even when solo, stable and nimble, it gives you great comfort and a feeling of safety. The technical parameters are similar to those of the Aquarius 525. The only, yet significant differences in the Voyager model are the waterproof storage compartments, with rubber hatch covers which guarantee that your load will be dry even if the kayak capsizes.

Due to the width of the Explorer this kayak has for better performance a central footrests and rudder steering pedals.


The Voyager is a good choice for a couple of kayakers who are primarily exploring river systems but from time to time will cross a lake, where the kayak will also perform very well. It suits those that are looking for a classic line in a kayak with good ergonomic features, that will make the time on the water more enjoyable.


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